Proposal Brasil 2023

Access the placement test through this link. Your result will place you in a level. It is the tool that we will use as a starting point for perfecting skills, according to your needs: travelling, presentations, agile ceremonies, meetings, among others.

The modality is remote, based on videoconferencing platforms that allow sessions to be developed with audio and video resources – among others -, suitable for the activities and “opportunities to speak.”

The recommended for remote sessions is two sessions a week, one hour each. However, both your needs and budget prevail and you might start with one hour a week.

Forecast classes for the month are paid in advance by Western Union. I will share by WhatsApp the personal data to make the transfer .

I have my own technological resources applied to education:

  • App called TizApp
  • E-learning platform: Virtual Campus LMS, where you will have access to free and paid mini-courses.
  • My own radio station to practice listening 24×7: Radio Tiza /Radio Chalk.
  • User portal to access account statements and invoices.

In our first class I will guide you to learn about its use.

There is feedback on the teaching-learning-evaluation process each quarter through evidence, to have comparisons with subsequent quarters. Everything is according to specific objectives of the role you play within your organization. There are NO groups, the report is individual and is accessed from the portal, with a password.

I hope this proposal has answered some doubts about English Classes.

Best regards,

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